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Centuries After Luther

A Christian Manifest in a Pluralistic and Globalized World

von Bruno Johannsson

Unlike Luther who published his theses in the Catholic europe of 1517, the author refers in 95 theses to the globalized and pluralistic world of our times. Each theses is explained with a generally understandable essay of 2-5 pages. Numerous remarks allow readers with scientific interests to go into greater depth. At the end of most theses questions are formulated showing that the author knows what he does not know. At the end of some theses proposals for political action are made such as fighting hunger, diminishing inequality, promoting democracy and reforming the United Nations.

Johannsson starts by outlining his conservative view of Christian Theology based on the Bible and some clarifying contributions of Joseph Smith (1806-1844). In the following ten chapters the author attempts to show the great relevance of the Christian point of view for the questions of our time. He indicates the possibility of a compromise between creationism and and the evolution paradigm. His theory of matter, spirit and soul has the potential of bringing natural and social sciences nearer to each other. Johannssons concept of Christian love proves not only to be a fundamental priciple of ethics but also of economics and political science.


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