Couchsurfing Cosmopolitanisms | Can Tourism Make a Better World? | ISBN 9783837622553

Couchsurfing Cosmopolitanisms

Can Tourism Make a Better World?

bearbeitet von David Picard und Sonja Buchberger
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»[The book] exhaustively covers multiple topics with high contemporary relevance in a very accessible way.« Anastasiya Astapova, H-Net-Reviews, 4 (2014)
»The various experiences as hosts and guests plus nine different writing styles make the book a varied reading. Following the authors experiences, the results of their studies are sometimes presented as interested facts nearby; hence it is not like reading an academic paper but fun and informative. Moreover it makes the book accessible for a broader audience and allows an ongoing exchange between academic and current discussions.« Paula Salomo,, 08.08.2013
»Die Beiträge zeigen die Fußangeln vernetzt-kosmopolitischer (Selbst-)Entwürfe auf, doch begegnen die Autoren stets respektvoll jener Idee des materiell uneigennützigen Teilens mit dem Reisenden.« Andrea Schilz, Bayerisches Jahrbuch für Volkskunde, (2015)
»Being skillfully written, making use of a narrative approach, and enriched by exciting and originial chapters ›Couchsurfing Cosmopolitanism‹ is a recommanded read for those who are eager to delve deeper and better understand the phenomenon of promoting cosmopolitanism as a desire for and openess to difference.« Variety Fair, 7 (2014)
Reviewed in:
Schweizerisches Archiv für Volkskunde, 2 (2013), Regina F. Bendix, 22.10.2013

Couchsurfing Cosmopolitanisms

Can Tourism Make a Better World?

bearbeitet von David Picard und Sonja Buchberger
The book provides unique insights into the culture of computer-mediated hospitality and how this has begun to transform contemporary tourism and travel practice. Focusing on, one of the largest online hospitality communities worldwide, the authors explore how social relations, intimacy and trust are built in the online environment and then extended into the offline contexts of actual tourism and travel. Being active couchsurfers themselves, the authors scrutinise the candid claim by much of the online hospitality community that couchsurfing creates a »better world«. The book is key reading for anyone interested in how computer mediated communication is changing contemporary forms of contact, travel and hospitality, and the kinds of cosmopolitism it brings into being.
Authors: David Picard, Sonja Buchberger, Jennie Germann Molz, Dennis Zuev, De-Jung Chen, Bernard Schéou, Jun-E Tan, Paula Bialski and Nelson Graburn.


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