EMC 2107 Proceedings | Set, Vol I-4 | ISBN 9783940276766

EMC 2107 Proceedings

Set, Vol I-4

bearbeitet von GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V.
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EMC 2107 Proceedings

Set, Vol I-4

bearbeitet von GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V.


Table of Contents – Volume 1
Precious Metals
Enhanced Leaching of Arsenopyrite Concentrates as a Pretreatment 3
for Gold Refractory Ores
Dr. Oscar G. Olvera, Dr. Yeonuk Choi, Dr. Peter Kondos
Dissolution of Gold in Ferric and Cupric Chloride Solutions 19
M.Sc. Sipi Seisko, M.Sc. Otto Forsström, Dr. Jari Aromaa, Prof. Mari Lundström
Tellurium in gold processing 31
Dr. Laurence G. Dyer
The Possible Use of Methanesulfonic Acid as a New Electrolyte for 43
Silver Electrorefining
A. Dressler, M. Keil, T. Müller, M. Stelter
Preliminary study on PGM leaching from used autocatalytic 55
convertors using AlCl3 and HOCl
Collins Saguru, Sehliselo Ndlovu
Oxygen mass transfer in the Albion ProcessTM: from the laboratory to the plant 71
Paul Voigt, Daniel Mallah, Mike Hourn
Recycling / Waste
Review of printed circuit board recycling processes 87
T. Nakamura , M. Maeda
Recycling of Tantalum from Waste Electrical and Electronic 99
Equipment through Mechanical Processing and Hydrometallurgical Separation
of Precious Metals
M.Sc. Felix Römer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Elwert
State-of-the-Art Recycling of Ni, Co, Cu and V 115
Michael Neumann, Clemens Kuhnert
Recovery of Zinc-Manganese Alloy from 123
Spent Dry Battery Cells
Mahmoud A. Rabah, Sabah Foda
Leaching of crushed NiMH batteries 139
Antti Porvali, Mari Lundström
Possibilities of recycling LED diodes 149
Mariola Saternus, PhD DSC, Joanna Willner PhD, Agnieszka Fornalczyk PhD,
Magdalena Lisińska MsC
WEEE Recycling – Metal Recycling from Complex Beneficiation Fines 163
A. Trentmann, F. Brinkmann, B. Friedrich
Leaching behavior of hard metals used in the drilling industry 171
Claudia Kerschbaumer, Stefan Luidold, Thomas Wolfe, Anthony Smith
Sulphate and Manganese Removal During Sulfitogenesis in a UASB Reactor 187
Sueli Moura Bertolino, Nayra Quites, Flávia Reis, Versiane Leão
Characterization of Tailings of the Rammelsberg Ore Deposit for a 197
Potential Reprocessing
Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Schirmer, M.Sc. Felix Römer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Elwert,
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Daniel Goldmann
Process fundamentals, modelling and new processes
The importance of models for intelligent data analysis in metallurgy 219
Dr. Sander Arnout, Dr. Els Nagels, Michel Bridy, Dr. Mark W. Kennedy,
Christian Landaas, Paul Hellinckx
Experimental and modelling research in support of energy savings and 231
improved productivity in non-ferrous metal production and recycling
Prof. Evgueni Jak, Dr. Taufiq Hidayat, Dr. Denis Shishin, Dr. Ata Fallah Mehrjardi,
Dr. Jiang Chen, Prof. Peter Hayes
CFD Modelling of Reactive Injection in Metallurgy 251
Ir. Bart Vandensande, Dr. Sander Arnout, Dr. Els Nagels
Transformational Materials Handling Solutions for the Non-Ferrous Industry 263
Mark E. Coleman
Application of the submerged nozzles for rotary furnace firing – modeling studies 277
PhD. Eng. Ewa Kolczyk, PhD. Eng. Zdzisław Miczkowski, PhD. Eng. Józef Czernecki
ILTEC – Mettop’s Revolutionary and Safe Cooling Solution 293
Dr. M. Hanel, Dr. A. Filzwieser, Dr. I. Filzwieser, DI S. Wallner, S. Ruhs
Surface tension and density of the copper-rich Cu-Pb-Fe alloys 307
Tomasz Sak, Józef Czernecki, Piotr Madej, Grzegorz Krawiec,
Stanisław Pietrzyk, Łukasz Kortyka
Phase equilibria of Na2O-PbO-SiO2 system between 900 and 1100 °C 317
Imam Santoso, Pekka Taskinen
Investigation of Influencing Parameters on Zone Melting Refining 327
of Aluminium, Part One Impurities: Iron and Silicon
M.Sc. Xiaoxin Zhang, Dr.-Ing. Semiramis Friedrich, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Bernd Friedrich
Influence of selected parameters on scorodite crystallization process 335
M.Sc. Justyna Piwowońska, M.Sc. Zbigniew Szołomicki, Ph.D. Andrzej Chmielarz
Thermodynamic Investigation of High Temperature Ta2O5 Chlorination 345
with C2Cl4
Navarro, R. C. S., Zocatelli, T. F., Brocchi, E. A.
Improving of Alloys
Copper alloys for antimicrobial touch surfaces – Research on practical 367
and scientific aspects
PhD Monika Walkowicz, PhD Piotr Osuch, Prof. Beata Smyrak, Prof. Andrzej Mamala,
Prof. Tadeusz Knych, Prof. Ewa Rudnik, PhD Anna Różańska,
PhD Agnieszka Chmielarczyk, MSc. Dorota Romaniszyn, Prof. Małgorzata Bulanda
Tarnishing and corrosion of copper alloys under various laboratory conditions 373
PhD Monika Walkowicz, PhD Piotr Osuch, Prof. Beata Smyrak, Prof. Andrzej Mamala,
Prof. Tadeusz Knych
Investigation of phase formation in tin alloys 377
Dipl.-Ing. Stefanie Scheiber, BSc; Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Helmut Antrekowitsch
Hot-dip galvanizing in WEGAL alloy bath with increased manganese content 389
Dr.-Ing. Szymon Malara, Dr.-Ing. Jan Wesołowski
Processing of CuAg15 alloy wire using severe plastic deformation 399
Dr. Wojciech Głuchowski, Prof. Zbigniew Rdzawski, Dr. Joanna Sobota,
Dr. Justyna Domagała-Dubiel
Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloy AA2024-T351 with OFHC Copper 415
Prof. Dr. Adnan Naama Abood, Prof. Dr. Moneer Hameed Tolephih,
Asst. Lect. Hayder Ibrahim Kadhum
Effects of Process Parameters on the Electrophorotic Deposition 429
of B4C Particulates on Nickel Substrate
G. Günkaya, H. Kurama
Table of Contents – Volume 2
The Sustainable Improvements of Lead Production in KCM 443
Rumen Tsonev, Nikolay Starev, Nikola Katev, Gavrail Angelov
High Current Density Electrolysis for Secondary Pb 449
Dr. M. Maccagni, Dr. E. Guerrini, J. Nielsen
Arsenic in Dust from the Blast Furnace Hall of ISP Process 459
of Zn and Pb Production
Dr. Katarzyna Nowińska, Prof. Zdzisław Adamczyk
Nickel / Cobalt / Vanadium
Cobalt Cathode Production from Zinc Plant Residue in Pilot Scale 475
Mohsen Valizadeh Holagh, Davood Moradkhani, Behzad Sedaghat
Minor Metals
Chromium isolation from different mineral ores 505
Trevor T. Chiweshe, Walter Purcell
Production of Electrolytic Rhenium-cobalt Alloys 521
D. Kopyto, K. Leszczyńska-Sejda, G. Benke, A. Chmielarz, M. Ciszewski
Recovery of scandium from processing of oxidized nickel ores wastes 531
Vladimir Rychkov, Evgeny Kirillov, Sergey Kirillov, Grigory Bunkov,
Maxim Botalov, Denis Smyshlyaev, Kseniia Gortsunova, Aslanbek Taukin
Thermochemical study of calciothermy of Scandium compounds 539
Dr.-Ing. Alexander Arnold, M. Sc. Ksenija Milicevic, M. Sc. Frederic Brinkmann,
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. B. Friedrich
Process for indium recovery from extremely diluted solutions 549
R. Vostal, U. Šingliar, M. Bertau, P. Fröhlich
Solubilisation of Monazite in Organic Acids 565
Daniel E. Lazo PhD Candidate, Dr. Laurence G. Dyer, Dr. Richard Diaz Alorro
Processing of Spent Ceramic Linings from TiAl-Castings for Yttria Recovery 577
Srecko Stopic, Yiqian Ma, Bernd Friedrich
Determination of the optimum conditions for the precipitation of REEs 583
by oxalic acid from chloride solution
Mohsen Valizadeh Holagh, Davood Moradkhani, Behzad Sedaghat
Leaching of Eudialyte concentrate and REE-Precipitation 595
Yiqian Ma, Srecko Stopic, Bernd Friedrich
General Pyrometallurgy
Status and sustainable development of Side-Submerged Combustion 603
Smelting Process
Chen Xuegang, Tian Tao
Innovative Solutions in Non-Ferrous Metals Production Lines 621
Dr. Rolf Degel, Johannes Joubert, Timm Lux, Dr. Andreas Filzwieser, Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Wallner
Tenova Pyromet: Implementing Solutions for Base Metal Processing 641
Martin Bakker, Stephen Gwynn-Jones, Hugo Joubert, Stanko Nikolic
Alternative reducing agents in metallurgical processes: 655
Shredder Residue Material
Ir Samira Lotfian, Hesham Ahmed, Caisa Samuelsson
Developments and state of the art in production of lead anodes 667
for metal winning
Bernd Böttcher, Dr. Franz Martin Knoop
Semi-Permanent Coatings – a Powerful Tool to Improve the Cost 683
Effiency in Casting of Semi-Finished Products
Dipl.-Ing. Volker Hofmann
General Hydrometallurgy
Improvements in Metals Extraction by Optimization of Agitation Systems 697
through Experimentation and Computational Analysis
Katlyn Conaway, Antonio Iñiguez, Richard Kehn
Polymetallic Ores Hydroprocessing at Cobre Las Cruces. Flotation 715
Pilot Plant Outcomes
C. Frias, J. Blanco, E. Vera, A. Romero, J. Gotor, F. Sanchez
Heat generation in a production scale sulphide heap leach operation 727
M.Sc. Antti Arpalahti, Professor Mari Lundström
Evaluation of alternatives for treating effluents generated in a process 739
to remove Sb and Bi
A. R. Almansa, I. González, I. Ruiz, G. Ríos
Ozone Assisted Leaching of Metallic Tin 751
Andrea Miskufova, Patrik Kuruc, Anna Kochmanova, Tomas Havlik, Hedviga Horvathova
Treatment of a leach liquor after leaching EAF dust 763
Zita Takacova, Frantisek Kukurugya, Tomas Vindt, Tomas Havlik, Peter Turek
Transport Number Determination of Copper Ions in a Heterogeneous 777
Membrane for Electrodialysis
Kayo Santana Barros, Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa
Strategies for Resource Savings
Urban mining – Putting into perspective anthropogenic stocks for a 789
resource efficient, circular economy
Felix Müller, Christian Lehmann
Next generation urban mining – Automated disassembly, separation 799
and recovery of valuable materials from electronic equipment:
overview of R&D approaches and first results of the European project ADIR
R. Noll et al.
Production of Mg and Al using concentrated solar energy 817
for future fuel applications
Dr. Jean Puig, Dr. Marianne Balat-Pichelin
Flameless Oxyfuel Combustion for Production and Recycling 833
of Non-Ferrous Metals
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Niehoff
FGS – The New Hot Chamber Die Casting 847
Dr.-Ing. Norbert Erhard
Enhanced Smelting Furnace Sustainability Using Non Destructive 857
Testing (NDT) and Monitoring
David Chataway, Richard MacRosty, Ravi Pula, Afshin Sadri, Wai Lai Ying
HSE practics and Legal Aspects
Regulatory activities – Lead industry 879
Stefan Buch
Table of Contents – Volume 3
Investigation of Temperature Effect on Impurities’ Distribution Coefficient 889
in Molten Aluminum through Theoretical Calculation and Experimental
Fractional Crystallization
Dr.-Ing. Semiramis Friedrich, Dipl.-Ing. Danilo Curtolo,
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Bernd Friedrich
Aluminium Production Wastes Managements 897
Dr. M. Maccagni, Dr. E. Guerrini, J. Nielsen
Thermodynamic Analysis on Reaction Abilities of Structural Units 907
in Fe–Al Binary Melts Based on the Atom and Molecule Coexistence Theorys
Xue-min Yang, Jin-yan Li, Fang-jia Yan, Dong-ping Duan
Light Metals (Mg, Li, Ti)
Implications when alloying Magnesium into Aluminium melt 931
T. Doppler, H. Antrekowitsch, H. Boettcher, W. Fragner
Titanium extraction from red mud via hydrometallurgical treatment 943
Gözde Alkan, Claudia Schier, Dr. Srecko Stopic, Prof. Bernd Friedrich
Chlorination Kinetics of an Ilmenite
Concentrate and Sequential Characterization of Obtained Materials 949
Ludy Margarita Montero, Carlos Augusto Queiroz, Natasha Suguihiro,
Rodrigo Souza, Rogério Navarro, Guillermo Solorzáno, Eduardo Brocchi
Assessment of a lithium ore to determine its amenability to processing 961
for the extraction of lithium
Mark G. Aylmore, Kelly Merigot, William D. A. Rickard, Noreen J. Evans,
Bradley J. McDonald, Enej Catovic, Peter Spitalny
Development on Cu Smelters in China Today 985
Yan Jie
ISASMELTTM Process for Direct-to-Blister 995
Copper Smelting
Paul Voigt, Alistair Burrows, Michael Somerville, Dr. Chunlin Chen
Discussion on Copper Matte Continuous Converting 1003
Li Chunmeng, Shen Dianbang, Bai Wen
Innovations in Pyrometallurgical Pre & Post Copper Flash Smelter Removal 1013
of Arsenic
T. Beisheim, A. Charitos, J. Güntner, M. Wrobel, J. Hammerschmidt,
H. Storch, L. Hedstrom
Distribution of Ni, Co, Ag, Au, Pt, Pd between Copper Metal 1029
and Silica Saturated Iron Silicate Slag
Dmitry Sukhomlinov, Pekka Taskinen
FAQs about Operating a Cu ER Tankhouse above 400 A/m² using 1039
the METTOP-BRX Technology
Andreas Filzwieser, Iris Filzwieser, Stefan Wallner
The influence of temperature, electrolyte composition and additive 1053
concentrations on physical properties of copper electrolytes
Dipl.-Ing. Vrauke Heinze, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Stelter
Slurry Cooling Towers Implementation at Cobre Las Cruces 1065
Hydrometallurgical Plant
C. Frias, E. Delgado, L. Lerin, L. Pastor
Anode slime leaching: the impact of process parameters on the 1081
dissolution of Cu, Ni, Se and Ag
Katja Weichert, Thorsten Preiß, Harald Kadereit, Peter Stantke, Günther Leuprecht
New Drying Procedure for Decopperized Anode Slimes 1087
at Aurubis AG in Hamburg
Peter Stantke
Recovery of Metals from Anode Slime Containing High Sn 1097
K. Jiang, H. Wang, Y. Wang, K. Xie
Pressure leaching of copper concentrate 1107
Grzegorz Pietek, Zbigniew Szołomicki, Katarzyna Leszczyńska-Sejda. Mateusz Ciszewski
Flue dust from the copper converter process – Recovery of Cu 1121
and In by solvent extraction
Dipl.-Ing. Philipp Rädecker, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christiane Scharf, M. Sc. Philipp Zürner,
Juniorprof. Dr. Gero Frisch, Dipl.-Min. Gunther Pieplow, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Doreen Lindner
Dr. Jörg Koch
Recovery of Metals from Solid Wastes in Copper Smelter 1133
Kaixi Jiang, Haibei Wang, Yufang Wang, Xiaoping Zou
Bioleaching of Copper from WEEE by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans 1143
and Acidophilic Mixtures from AMD
MSc. Solange Kazue Utimura, MSc. Carlos G.Alvarez Rosário, PhD. Jorge A.Soares Tenório,
PhD. Denise C. Romano Espinosa
Cu isotope fractionation during prehistoric smelting – a contribution of 1153
modern pyrometallurgy
Thomas Rose, Sabine Klein, Gunter Morgenstern, Michael Stelter
RHI’s Possibilities for Copper and Wire Producing Applications 1169
A. Franzkowiak, S. Breyner
Examination of the flash smelting slag decoppering process kinetics 1185
Piotr Madej, Józef Czernecki, Tomasz Sak, Grzegorz Krawiec, Łukasz Kortyka, Katarzyna Klejnowska, Bogusław Onderka, Piotr Palimąka
Microstructure and properties of ultra high strength high-alloyed and 1201
quasi-equiatomic Cu-Al-Mn alloys
Igor Altenberger, Stefanie Heinrichs, Hans-Achim Kuhn
The determination of 3D phase diagrams of the Cu2Ox-ZnO-SiO2 system 1211
Dr. Longgong Xia, Prof. Zhihong Liu, Prof. Pekka Taskinen
Refractory Materials
Effect of Zinc on Refractories in Metallurgical Vessels 1223
Dr. Dean Gregurek, DI Stefanie Redik, Dr. Christine Wenzl, Ing. Alfred Spanring
Advances in FeNi Rotary Kiln Linings 1235
Christine Wenzl, Bernhard Handle, Nestor Garcia
Economic Prospects and Trading
Trends in Nonferrous Metals Production in Europe, 2002 through 2014 1247
Elena Safirova, Sinan Hastorun, Graham Lederer
Can recycling of NdFeB magnets be expected in Europe before 2030? 1263
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Elwert, M. Sc. Matthias Hoffmann, Dipl.-Ing. Sabrina Schwarz
Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection and Environmental Footprint in Copper Production 1279
Dr. Karin Hinrichs-Petersen, Daniela Cholakova, Dr. Jörn Mühlenfeld
Process simulation and environmental footprint of gold chlorination 1293
and cyanidation processes
Heini Elomaa, Lotta Rintala, Mari Lundström
Scope of application of fabric filters for the separation of particulate and 1311
gaseous pollutants from gases
Dipl.-Ing. Rüdiger Margraf, Dirk Band
Outotec Developments in Reducing Emissions from Solution Cooling Towers 1331
Tuomas Hirsi
Reduction of Odor Emissions from Pyrometallurgical Metals Recovery from 1339
Secondary Raw Materials
K. Jaworek, J. Mrozowski, M. Bąk
Table of Contents – Volume 4
Strategic Metals Recovery Technologies
German Resource Research Institute (GERRI): Concept and Aims 1355
of a Raw Materials Network
Helene Köpf, Kai Rasenack
Secondary Metallurgy
Hydrometallurgical treatment of stainless steel melting dusts for recycling 1367
Jari Aromaa, Antti Kekki, Anna Stefanova, Mari Lundström, Olof Forsén,
Hannu Tapani Makkonen
First Waelz Plant for Recycling of EAF Steel Mill Dust in the 1377
MENA-Region – A Report of Planning and Construction
Dr. Jürgen Rütten, Thomas Knepper, David Lentz
One Year of Operation of the First Waelz Plant for Recycling 1393
of EAF Steel Mill Dust in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
David Lentz, Dr. Jürgen Rütten, Thomas Knepper
Recycling of Sulphur Resource in Secondary Lead Smelting Flue Gas 1405
Ying Qin, Silu Dong
By-product Treatment
Digitalization Chances to improve plant performance 1417
Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Bräuner, Dr. Hannes Storch, Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Daum
Recovery of copper and zinc from waste brass ashes by solvent 1431
extraction – Juiz de Fora, Brazil
Ing. Julia M. Martins, Ing. Sérgio de A. Penchel Jr, M.Sc. Pablo Pina,
D.Sc Achilles Junqueira Bourdot Dutra
Waste to Product or Process – Industrial Symbiosis Examples 1441
of Aurubis Bulgaria Copper Smelter
Verka Stoinaova, Lukan Gerov, Krasimira Nedeleva, Asen Saraev, Vanya Stoyanova
Generation of hydrogen-gas from aluminum dross 1451
Arunabh Meshram, Kamalesh Kumar Singh
Production of Clean Slag at Metallo Belgium 1463
M. Chintinne, C. Geenen, B. Coletti, S. Smets
Recovery of iron and removal of hazardous elements from metallurgical slags 1475
Jungho Heo, Prof. Dr. Joohyun Park
Indium, gallium and tin distributions between copper and slag in 1485
WEEE smelting conditions
M.Sc. Katri Avarmaa, M.Sc. Simon Yliaho, Prof. Pekka Taskinen
Dissolution Behavior of Slag Modifiers in Molten BOF Slag 1501
Ir. Gaurav Tripathi, Dr. Annelies Malfliet, Prof. Bart Blanpain, Dr. Muxing Guo
Towards an Experimental Set-up for Measuring the 1515
Foaming Stability of Liquid Slags
Vincent Cnockaert, Inge Bellemans, Evelien De Wilde, Bart Blanpain, Kim Verbeken
Metal droplet entrainment by solid particles in slags: a combined phase 1525
field model and experimental approach
ir. Inge Bellemans, ir. Vincent Cnockaert, dr. Evelien De Wilde,
prof. dr. ir. Nele Moelans, prof. dr. ir. Kim Verbeken
Simulation and Model Calculations
Numerical approach for the implementation of pyrolysis gas release 1543
into CFD furnace models
Henning Bruns, Antje Rückert, Herbert Pfeifer
Waste-to-Resources: Ash Properties by Thermodynamic Modelling 1559
E. Nagels, S. Arnout, L. Arnout, L. Machiels, Y. Pontikes, D. Geysen
Modelling and Simulation of an Industrial Scale 1565
Continuous Fluidized Bed Roaster
Swagatika Dash, Swati Mohanty, B.K. Mishra
Chemical Vapour Deposition of In2O3(s): In-O-Cl System 1581
Professor Y. K. Rao
Process Control
Utilizing optical fibres to monitor the status of melting units 1597
Peter Schmidt
Feed and Charge Level Measurements in Furnaces 1607
Warren Braun, David Chataway, Jakob Janzen, Andrei Kepes
Furnace Integrity – A Holistic Approach to face todays Challenges 1617
DI. S. Wallner, Dr. A. Filzwieser, Dr. M.B. Hanel, Dr. I. Filzwieser, S. Ruhs
Digitalization / IIoT / Industry 4.0 – Discover what’s behind it 1627
Dipl.-Ing. Jens Hundrieser
The Zinc Industry: New Developments 1635
Frank E. Goodwin
Process improvements for fluidized bed zinc roasting – An integrated 1651
learning strategy
David Pletinckx, Ruben Boeree, Koen Michielsen, Marcus Fox
Metals Recovery and Inertization of Zinc Residues in a 1661
Pilot TSL Furnace – Juiz de Fora, Brazil
Ing. Sérgio de A. Penchel Jr, Ing. Claudio A. de M. Lima, MSc. Pablo Pina,
Ing. Julia M. Martins, Ing. Francisco C. Freire, Ing. Luiz Flavio da Silva,
Ing. Ebenezer G. C. Neto, MSc. Tone Takayama
Research, Development and Implementation of Processing Zinc Oxidized 1669
Raw Material for Zinc and Indium Recovery at Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant
P.A. Kozlov, A.M. Panshin, S.A. Yakornov
Tecnicas Reunidas developments: Technology based 1681
strategies for zinc smelters
Jaime Calvo, Ana Belen Mejías, Emilio Pecharroman, Carlos Álvarez Carreño
Effect of Chloride Ions on Deposition Behavior and Morphology 1695
of Zinc in Electrowinning
Prof. Dr. Eng. Hiroaki Nakano, Satoshi Oue, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Eng. Hisaaki Fukushima,
Prof. Dr. Eng. Shigeo Kobayashi
Higher metal recovery by Outotec Pure Jarosite process 1711
Björn Saxén, Marko Lahtinen, Juho Savikangas
Purification Technologies for Zinc Leaching Solution 1727
Kaixi Jiang, Sanping Liu, Haibei Wang, Honggang Wang, Ailing Feng
Strategic reforms in hydro-refining units for handling manganese 1741
rich zinc concentrates at HZL
Sundar S. Sombhatla, Kiran Kr. Rokkam, Ashish Kumar, Sheeba Mashruwala,
Akhilesh Shukla
Characterization and selective dissolution of copper values in a 1755
lean multiphasic ore
Prof. Iyiola Olatunji Otunniyi, Prof. Peter Mendonidis
Compositional analysis of copper flotation concentrates extracted from 1771
different Kupferschiefer-type black shale-hosted ores
Andreas Kamradt, Juliane Schaefer
Combination of Fire Assay and Modern Instrumental Techniques for 1785
Precious Metals Analysis
Myint Myint Sein, Wolfgang van Leeuwen, Peter Glörfeld
Quantification of scandium in columbite-tantalite tailings and other 1797
scandium compounds
Prof J. H. Potgieter1, 2, S. Potgieter-Vermaak3, W. Purcell4
Influence of long-time storage or recycling on element concentrations 1809
of metallic powders
Dr. Markus Jung, David Nennstiel
Operation of LIBS elemental analysers for inline analysis of aluminium 1819
scrap and industrial products
Christian Bohling, Angelika Feierabend, Jens-Uwe Günther, Andreas John,
Alexander Singer, Lothar Cordts
Thermodynamic and Metallurgical Limits for Pure Sb2O3 Vaporization 1832
from Lead Drosses
M.Sc. Florian Binz, Prof. Dr. Ing. Dr. h.c. Bernd Friedrich
Recovery of tin-concentrated products and distribution behaviour of major 1834
elements from waste printed circuit board by combining physical separation
Shigekazu Harada, Megumi Takeuchi, Kazutoshi Haga, Shigeru Kawamura,
Yasushi Takasaki, Atsushi Shibayama
Numerical Study of Top-Submerged-Lance Gas Injection 1836
in Air-Water Systems
M.Sc. Daniele Obiso, Dr. Sebastian Kriebitzsch
Competence Mapping of German Resource Research Institute (GERRI) 1838
Dr.-Ing. Elinor Rombach, Dr.-Ing. Ekaterina Schmid
Evaluation of Celda Hull test as a quantitative method to control additives 1840
in the electrolyte of Atlantic Copper Refinery
Irene Ruiz-Oria, Inmaculada González, Guillermo Ríos
Authors Index 1843
Keywords Index 1853


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