Mediterranean Tortoises von Wolfgang Wegehaupt | Where and How they Live in the Wild | ISBN 9783981756036

Mediterranean Tortoises

Where and How they Live in the Wild

von Wolfgang Wegehaupt
Buchcover Mediterranean Tortoises | Wolfgang Wegehaupt | EAN 9783981756036 | ISBN 3-9817560-3-7 | ISBN 978-3-9817560-3-6

Mediterranean Tortoises

Where and How they Live in the Wild

von Wolfgang Wegehaupt
This beautifully photographed and extensively researched book is a must-read for every tortoise enthusiast. Keeping wild animals according to their biological needs must be modelled on nature. The conditions in which tortoise populations thrive only truly exist in original habitats, with their microclimates marked by islands of warmth and natural vegetation unaltered by man. It is only here that the little-adaptable tortoises can continue their natural ways of life and develop population dynamics to the full extent imprinted on them during their 230 million years of evolutionary history. This book with its 37 chapters provides unique insights into the natural habitats and ecology of European tortoises. Only if a keeper knows how tortoises live in the wild can these animals be cared for in a manner that comes close to their natural situation. I am certain that you will find many details you were not previously aware of – and that these will help you to better understand the needs of the tortoises in your care and to view them from a new perspective.
This comprehensive book is structured into the following chapters: Preface - Introduction - General considerations - The Species of Tortoises - Distribution - Secondary Habitats - Maquis - Garrigue - Diet - Islands of Warmth - Microclimate - Home Ranges - Roaming Ranges - Retreats - Population Densities - Spring - Male to Male Combat - Mating Ritual - Hybrids - Oviposition - First Predators - Summer - Development of the Eggs - Fluid Requirements - Autumn - Hatching - Post-Hatching - Predators - Dispersal of Juveniles - Winter - A Day in the Life of a Tortoise - Light, Warmth and UV Radiation - Habitat Climate Illustrated - Fire - Regeneration - Humped Growth - Relocating and Releasing - The Tick Phenomenon - Epilogue.


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