Alpha Males and Alpha Females von Bettina Al-Sadik-Lowinski | Male executives from around the world on how to increase gender diversity in senior management | ISBN 9783111173917

Alpha Males and Alpha Females

Male executives from around the world on how to increase gender diversity in senior management

von Bettina Al-Sadik-Lowinski
Buchcover Alpha Males and Alpha Females | Bettina Al-Sadik-Lowinski | EAN 9783111173917 | ISBN 3-11-117391-7 | ISBN 978-3-11-117391-7

„This is a truly important book about the male perspective on the important issue of gender diversity and how to get more women into senior leadership positions. It’s well researched and well argued. I really love how the author addresses sensitive issues in the cooperation between men and women and provides valuable advice on how to make it more effective.  It will generate healthy discussion and support all of us in making our organizations more inclusive.“  
Camiel Gielkens, CEO Schouten & Nelissen Group

„Finally, a book that explores men’s views on women in leadership positions and listens to what they have to say about sensitive topics such as #MeToo and women’s supposed lack of career ambitions. Mutual understanding will allow us to break down barriers and build successful mixed leadership teams in which both genders participate equally. This book gave me a lot of ideas to put into practice.“
Britta Bomhard, Chief Marketing Officer USA, Church & Dwight

„We need a world where gender diversity is a reality. It is proven that diverse organizations are more effective and achieve better profitability. In the book, male decision-makers report on what is necessary for this.“
Javier Gimeno, Senior Group VP & CEO Latin America, Saint-Gobain

Alpha Males and Alpha Females

Male executives from around the world on how to increase gender diversity in senior management

von Bettina Al-Sadik-Lowinski

What do international male business leaders have to say about gender diversity, the rise of talented women into management and the opportunities for the sexes to work together harmoniously in boardrooms – as well as the obstacles that stand in the way?

When most people think manager, they think male. Boardrooms around the world are still dominated by ‘alpha’ men and their assertive, decisive leadership styles. Meanwhile, their female counterparts, alpha women, remain underrepresented in almost every country. Many women feel they’ve been excluded and are calling for equality. This book offers a fresh perspective on gender roles that moves away from the old paradigm of male domination and female victimhood. It argues that companies that want to succeed need to productively combine and leverage off the strengths offered by men and women. It covers how mixed leadership teams can be made the norm in international companies. To find some answers, Bettina Al-Sadik-Lowinski interviewed senior male executives from eleven countries. These ‘alpha men’ agree that women and their abilities should be better represented on company boards. They believe the current imbalance is due to a mix of talented women’s reluctance to pursue their career ambitions along with the barriers created by existing power structures. Male managers fear losing face and being shown up by strong women. They want recognition, rather than aggression, from their female colleagues. The interviewees also discuss what they see as women’s strengths, such as their positive, calming influence in male-dominated meetings, and comment on sensitive topics such as #MeToo and the influence of ‘erotic capital’ and ‘old boys’ networks’. The book presents the men’s views in their own words, complemented by alternative perspectives from top female executives.

Al-Sadik-Lowinski’s analysis shows how both sexes can work together in international companies to build a brighter, sustainable future.

Alpha Males and Alpha Females seeks to promote greater equality at senior levels in global companies, with mixed leadership teams made up of both qualified men and qualified women. It gives women who are interested in pursuing a management career an insight into men’s views, as well as advice on their personal career development. And it suggests strategies that executives can adopt to strengthen diversity, build mixed leadership teams and secure their companies’ long-term success.


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