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Person Ilija Barukčić

Barukcic studied human medicine at the University of Hamburg (1982-1989). Meanwhile, Barukcic is a specialist of internal medicine. Some of Barukcic's outstanding publications are several refutations of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, several refutations of Bell's theorem, several refutations of the CHSH inequality et cetera. Barukcic has geometrized the stress energy tensor of electromagnetic field and Einstein's field equation. Among many international conferences visited, Barukcic presented at the Hong Kong Conference 2011 his paper 'The Equivalence of Time and Gravitational Field'. At the international quantum conferences 'Quantum Theory: from foundations to technologies (QTFT)', Linnaeus University, Sweden, June 8-11, 2015 Barukcic presented a self-consistent proof of the physical meaning of the wave function. Using the methods of this book, Barukcic was able to provide highly significant evidence that Helicobacter pylori is the cause of human gastric cancer. Based on the methods illustrated in this book, Barukcic has proofed that Epstein-Bar virus is the cause of Multiple Sclerosis.

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