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Person Petr Doucek

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Petr Doucek is a Czech computing expert with specialization information management and information security management systems. He has graduated in 1984 at University of Economics, Prague in Economic-mathematical modelling. He finished his Ph.D. studies in 1993 and presented a PhD Thesis with Title: „Model Approach to Estimation of Economic Characteristics of Software Projects“. He defended successful a thesis „Managerial Applications - EIS in the Czech Practice“ and has been appointed Associate Professor in Information Management at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics at University of Economics, Prague. Since 2007 is Professor for Informatics and since 2010 he is the head of Department of System Analysis. Topics of his activities are Information Management, Information Systems and Information and Communication Technology, Security Management Systems and Project Management. He took part in several research activities supported by Czech Funding Agencies as well as by international funds. He participated in more than 35 projects in improvement of information systems in Czech or international firms or in state and public administration bodies. His rich publication activity consists from eight monographs, 18 education texts, approximately 45 articles in reviewed journals and more than 100 contributions in international conferences and workshops. From 1993 onward he was co-chair of the IDIMT Conferences and for many years has also been Co-Editor of the Proceeding

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