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Person kara lynch

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kara lynch (MFA) is a time-based artist living in the Bronx, NY who earns a living as an Associate Professor of Video and Critical Studies at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Ambivalent towards hyper-visual culture, she is curious about duration, embodiment, and aural experience; and through low-fi, collective practice and social intervention lynch explores aesthetic/political relationships between time + space. Her work is vigilantly raced, classed, and gendered - Black, queer and feminist. Major projects include: `Black Russians' - a feature documentary video (2001), `The Outing' - a video travelogue (1999-2004), `Mouhawala Oula' - a gender-bending trio performance for oriental dance, live video, and saxophone (2009). The current project 'INVISIBLE', an episodic, speculative, multi-site video/audio installation - excavates the terror and resilient beauty of Black experience.

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